2 months Angelversary

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2 months Angelversary

Hello my very sweet baby…

2 months ago you left the protective environment of mommy’s womb to join this very beautiful Earth for just a few brief moments. A few brief moments that changed our lives forever… You filled our lives with the most raw and unconditional LOVE. You made us see what really matters in life and made us reconsider all our priorities and ambitions.

Our very first thought every morning is wishing you could be here with us… And this last month, this thought has been followed by the realisation that you are with us… Not in the way we would have hoped you to be, but never the less, you are with us sweet girl, you are with us Sahar, because you are alive in our hearts. Loved so incredibly much… And we see you everywhere… We see those little signs you send us through nature, through life, and through love… They reach our hearts, and remind us that you think of us too, that you’re with us too. That you look down on us and celebrate life with us… And that you want us to be happy…

Sand castles and fun

You know we spent the day at the beach yesterday right? It was such a beautiful and bright day, it reminded us so much of you… We really wished you could have been there with us… Enjoying that ocean breeze with us, playing in the sand with daddy, complaining while mommy put sunscreen on your face for the fifth time in an hour, playing with your awesome auntie Kat and uncle Alex, that were building this awesome fort with little soldiers and turtles on the beach…

But somehow, we truly believe that you were with us, that you’re enjoying all these little beautiful joys of life with us sweet Sahar… Because every little moment of joy we experience, we think of you, and we imagine all those moments with you in it, and they become memories too, they become memories of ¬†you. When we remember yesterday, we remember you there, with us. You’re in our memories, just like you’re in our hearts, and you’ll always be there love, because you will forever be our daughter, forever our Sahar. And we will love you forever.

Mommy and Daddy

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Lindsey Henke08/07/13 at 9:21 pmReply

Hi Laila,

I love your letters to Sahar. I also am glad you posted my button. I just found your site and love it. So much love here for your little angel. If you want I would be honored if you linked your letter up with my Linky Love Letters to Our Children Gone Too Soon under my Letters to Nora’s section. I’m glad I found your site but I am very sorry about your loss.

Much peace and hugs your way.

Still Breathing…Lindsey

noctovis08/07/13 at 9:29 pmReply

Hi Lindsey, thanks for reading! I just LOVED that linky idea! I just added it :-)
I’m glad you like my blog, I’ve been following yours for a while now and I really love it. I am so sorry Nora had to leave so soon, no one should ever have to go through this… Wishinh you lots of peace and love xxx