Grateful for a moment of silence

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Grateful for a moment of silence

Katrin and Alex’ wedding was beautiful. The most special day. The most magical event. Filled with bliss. Filled with joy. Filled with emotions. But especially with LOVE.

Katrin and Alex arranged for a special time and space to remember the loved ones that were gone too soon and could not join us on this special day. There were too many names on that list. Too many loved ones to remember. Too many person’s our hearts ache for every day. Too many.

We lighted a lantern for each loved one:

Katrin and Frank’s mom, Melly. A person that I never got to meet, but that I remember with love. For without her, I wouldn’t have met the most wonderful man ever. I wouldn’t have this awesome new family I joined and love so much already. A mother, dedicated to raising her children to become beautiful beings. A wife, full of love for her husband. A woman, remembered by many for her beautiful personality. A mother in law, that hopefully approves of me even from above. A grandmother, that looks after our daughter in heaven.

Maria, Alex’s mom. Another beautiful mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend, gone too soon. A person that created a special bond between Alex and Katrin, as they both grieve for their mothers gone too soon. Someone that left behind a beautiful, heart warming family, that remember her with love.

Steve, a brother gone too soon. A person that, although I only met once, left an incredible impression. A handsome young man. An intelligent and capable student of law. A son to a very strong and couragous mother, a big brother everyone looked up to, a friend for so many, a companion, a loved one.

Sahar, our daughter. Our firstborn. A little piece of heaven. A little piece of us. Conceived from the great love we share. The love of our lives. Born to say hello and goodbye at the same time. Taken from us too soon. A first daughter to her father. A first daughter to me. A first granddaughter to John and Arlette. A first niece to Katrin, Steve, Tom, Ann, Jeffrey and Philip. Remembered every day by so many.

It was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. We stood there, crying, grieving, sending all our love to our loved lost ones. We stood there, strong and united, as a family. We stood there, remembering. We stood there broken, but so full of love. We watched the lanterns lift up from our hands, filling the skies with our love, filling the skies with a luminous light. It was heartbreaking. It was beautiful.

I am so grateful we had this moment. I am so grateful to have had them with us there in this beautiful way. I am so grateful for these new beautiful memories we have of them. I am so grateful for this beautiful gift Katrin and Alex gave us.

Thank you, from all my heart.
Love, Laila

PS: The picture above is one of my own wedding. We also lighted wish lanterns on our wedding. I don’t have any pictures from the lanterns at Kat’s wedding just yet, so I chose to use this picture instead. Photography by Jeremy Standley.

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Jetty Rae30/07/13 at 6:42 pmReply

This is such a beautiful scene. Reading now I can see all of you dressed beautifully, hearts overwhelmed with love. With each heart break your hearts have gotten bigger, more abundant, more capable of love…beautiful.

noctovis30/07/13 at 8:00 pmReply

Thank you for your kind words Jetty!

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