It’s a special day today…

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It’s a special day today…

Hello sweet baby girl! Today is a very special day, and I wanted to tell you all about it. Your aunt Kat is getting maried today, to the love of her life Alex. We travelled all the way to Romania to witness their love and attend their wedding.

When your aunt was all busy planning her wedding, we had to dissapoint her by telling her we wouldn’t be able to join the wedding in Romania. But we had a very good reason. You were on the way. You were joining us soon. And there was no possible way I could be traveling so far, so far along in my pregnancy. Because you could be joining any moment now… You would soon be here. She was a bit dissapointed at first, because like every sister, she wanted her big brother and sister in law to witness her wedding. But soon those feelings were completely lost in excitement of your arrival. Because she was so excited Sahar, excited to have a niece, excited to be an aunt… Do you remember? When she would rub my belly, sending you all her love? Because she loved you sweet baby, from the very beginning. Those are treasured memories that I will always hold in my heart.

Since you couldn’t stay with us, we decided to join her wedding after all. And although it hurts so much that you’re not with us anymore, although being here brings back a load of what if’s and why’s, I am happy that we can spend this day with your aunt. That her big brother is with her on this big day. That I am here too. That I get to brush her hair, do her make-up, and give her a big hug and kiss before she walks out that door to come back as a married woman. That we get to be her godparents, just like she asked. She wanted her godparents to be an example of a firm wedding, filled with love and understanding. And she chose us sweet baby. We couldn’t be more honoured.

My heart holds so many different feelings today. Feelings of sadness and grief, for not having you by our side. Feelings of love, for your sweet aunt and your uncle Alex. Feelings of happiness, for seeing how happy your aunt Kat is. So many feelings today sweetie. I just want you to know, that you’re in my heart and mind, every single second of every day, and today especially. I want you to know that your aunt would have wished to have you here today. I just want you to know, that we will always remember you. You were our firstborn. You were your aunt’s first niece. You were your grandfather’s first grandchild. And you will always be.

Love forever,

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