Recognising her presence

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Recognising her presence

It’s midday. Lunch-time. Everyone walks out of the office, to spend their break outside: sitting in the sun-shine, enjoying the good weather. I stay at my desk. Looking into the void. Lost in my own little world. Unconscious of what happens around me. I think of Sahar. I remember her beauty, her extraordinary little self. I remember she left. And tears start to form. That suffocating grip on my heart increases. Grief is here, in it’s ugly form. That dark being that has the power to take over my soul.

Not even a second later, something draws my sight. I spot some kind of movement on my right. I turn, to find nothing else but a huge window, with a beautiful view behind it. The office’s gardens, filled with trees, grass and flowers. And in the blink of an eye, I spot it. That white frolicking butterfly, dancing above the flowers outside. It’s so far away, and yet it immediately catches my sight. It dances from left to right and from right to left, never leaving my sight.

A smile appears on my face. Tears retract from my eyes. A gentle, soothing feeling of comfort and love covers my heart, like a blanket. I take a deep breath. I release a big sigh. She’s here. She may not be in my arms, but she’s here. I can feel her around. I feel her presence. She’s watching over me. She’s watching over us. She sends me butterflies. She sends me peace. She sends me love.

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