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About Little Wonders

Today I would like to share a story. A story of a bereaved mother I met through a mutual friend. It’s a story about a truly inspirational person, wife, friend and especially, a mother. A story of love, grief, loss, photography, beauty and healing.

Sharon started blogging during her second pregnancy, to openly share her experience and the progress of her pregnancy with the world. She had a happy, healthy pregnancy, filled with anticipation and bliss expecting this little girl that would soon join their family. At 36 weeks gestation, she found herself in the ER ready to welcome her little girl into this world. After a relatively quick delivery, Sharon’s precious daughter Nina was born. Her heart expanded with the raw love of motherhood once more as she finally met her second child.

That magical bliss that is felt right after you have your baby was soon disrupted when they noticed that Nina was having trouble breathing. They quickly took her away to help her and soon they noticed that something was wrong. Nina was diagnosed with Diaphragmatic hernia which was not intercepted during the pregnancy. Nina’s life hung by a thread, and Sharon and her husband were forced to watch their little girl enter the ER without really knowing if she would make it out. Nina fought fiercely, but lightning struck, and she left this world way too soon. They felt broken, lost in the why’s, unable to believe that this was really happening.

Almost a year and a half later, Sharon and her husband have been blessed with a beautiful healthy rainbow baby named Loïc. Like every bereaved mother, she experiences a boatload of mixed feelings every single day in this life after loss. From happiness and joy for her 2 living children, to grief and pain for the loss of her sweet baby girl Nina.

Sharon just embarked on an admirable venture in photography that has brought us together. Apart from photographing expecting mothers, newborn babies and children, she also offers the very delicate and special service of photographing babies post-mortem. Sharon finds tremendous comfort in the pictures she has of Nina, which is what inspired her to embark on this journey, and I couldn’t admire her more for doing so. She puts her entire heart and soul into this work, to offer parents one of the most precious gifts: photographs of their babies gone too soon.

I’m honored to share with you that we will be collaborating, as her services will become a part of the boxes of hope project. Every box of hope shall contain one of her business cards and a flyer providing additional information about the services she provides. Part of the profit she makes out of her photography will be donated to my project, so that newly bereaved mothers can continue receiving them.

If you speak Dutch, you can read Nina’s entire story and follow Sharon’s blog here. Sharon has also created a beautiful website dedicated to her photography, and you can also like her page on Facebook where she regularly posts new pictures and updates. Don’t hesitate to take a look at her work and contact her if you live somewhere in the Belgium area!

PS: The picture above is one of Sharon holding her precious daughter Nina. Thank you Sharon for letting me post your story and one of the most treasured pictures you have!



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