Sahar’s space at home – Part 3

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Sahar’s space at home – Part 3

This is part 3 of a series of posts I’ve been writing about how I am creating spaces at home to keep Sahar alive with us, to remember her always, and have everyone remember her with us when they see these spaces in our home. She was and will forever be my daughter, my firstborn, a member of this family, no matter what happens She does not only deserve a space in our hearts and souls, but also in our home.

One of the constructive thoughts I had after losing her, was that I wanted a space for her here at home, that I wanted to frame her hand- and footprints where I could see them every day. But the actual implementation of this idea was inspired by the beautiful space Carly Marie created in her home for her boy Christian. I loved this idea of several different frames put together to form a story.

I gathered the images we have that remind us of Sahar in the most beautiful ways, the ones that remind us of what a magical blessing she has been in our lives, and how much love she has brought to our hearts.

Her hand and footprints are obviously in there, although these are not the originals. The idea of having them wear out in time or losing them in a fire (God forbid) just frightens me. I keep the originals in a safe box since they are the only copy I have, and I use a scan that turned out awesomely and contains the same amount of detail the originals do. If your scan doesn’t come out well and you can only use your originals, consider buying a frame with UV protection to keep them protected.

I also have the picture Frank created for her birth card. It’s a picture that expresses the loss we go through every day, how much we miss her, and how having her and losing her bonds us together even more. Losing Sahar made us grow even more towards each other, even if it’s not always easy to do so in a time of pain and grief. This picture reminds me that Sahar eternalised the bond we have with each other, that she shines upon us every night, and that she looks after us as she gazes at us from above.

I’ve been torn about whether to include a picture of her or not. In the end, I decided to include one of my favourite pictures of her on her wall, the one with her little feet with our wedding rings on them. Any picture of our babies gone too soon is beautiful and to be treasured forever, but I know it sometimes comes out “hard” for outsiders. The fact that she was so tiny shocks them and makes them feel sad and akward, which is why I opted for this picture instead. It also shows how tiny she was, but it does so in a tender, beautiful way. And the quote I included in the picture is one I hold close to my heart, because even though she only stayed for a little while, she’s had a tremendous impact on our lives.

Then there’s her beautiful name in the sand and the beach butterfly, shot in an incredibly beautiful setting in Perth, Australia. I’ve told you about this wonderful lady several times already, but I will once again. This picture was made for me by Carly Marie. She runs Project Heal and writes the names of all babies gone too soon in the sand. You can donate to have her create a sunset picture of your baby’s name for you, and so I did. My baby has been across the world before I have! She’s been to Australia and her name was forever taken by the waves of the seas to float with all the names of those other wonderful babies that we love to remember. The image of a sunset is one that transmits beauty, peace and tranquility. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than a picture like this to keep her name spoken out loud.

Last but certainly not least, I’ve included one of the beautiful canvasses Franchesca creates. After thinking it over quite some time (because she has so many beautiful quotes to choose from!), I chose this one. Because I love her STILL, and ALWAYS. That just says it all.

This is Sahar’s wall of remembrance and love. I hope she likes it as much as I do.

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