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Today, we said goodbye to a wonderful lady. Grandma Paula.

A truly inspiring woman. She immediately struck you as a warm, gentle, but also very strong person. She was intelligent and had an open mind, truly a woman of the world. Someone that dedicated her entire life and heart to her family. In the years I knew her, that’s what her life was all about: keeping us all together. Gathering all the children and grandchildren together every Saturday for lunch. She would eat almost nothing while we stuffed our tummies with all the yummy goodness. It’s seeing us together, seeing everyone satisfied, what nurtured her.

A remarkable woman that lived a remarkable life. Having met and impressed people near and far, she left a tremendous impact on this world. She was so loved, by so many. She made it so easy. Her smile expressed her warmth, compassion, consideration and beauty. Her smile gave so much love. But it also invited so much of it in.

No matter what struggle she fought, that smile never left her face. She offered me support and strength during the most difficult times of my life, setting aside al her own. She encouraged me to never give up, to keep believing, and to be strong. And what I still remember ’till this day: she told me to smile. While my heart was too clouded with grief that day to truly comprehend her message, looking back, it all makes so much sense. I will forever remember her words.

While we looked through photos of her journey through life, Frank’s uncle entered the room with some lyrics in hand. This is truly who she was, he said. And although I’ve known her only for three years, I immediately recognised that it truly was her. Sometimes music truly says more than words will ever express.

Meet Paula. Meet Grandma. This is who she was, and forever will be.

We will love and remember you always,
Your smile will never leave us…


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