How you can help

I’m humbled by all the people that are offering their help to make this beautiful project a success. Many people want to help, but don’t really know how, so I thought I’d provide some more information about how you can help. Help can take many shapes in this project… Every little effort that might seem irrelevant to you matters a lot to a project like this.

Active participation

You like this project and you would like to find healing, peace or even satisfaction by actively helping me to create these beautiful boxes? Here’s a few ideas on how you can help:

  • Create boxes with me: This means assembling all items into a box, writing notes, and putting it all together. This can be at my house during one of the events I will be organizing to do this, but it could also be at your place, all by yourself or with your family and friends.
  • Help me shop: Obviously all these items need to be acquired, and that means shopping, be it online or going to the store
  • Delivery: Once the boxes are assembled and finished, we obviously have to deliver them to the hospital. Even when this might seem like a small thing, it means a lot in my busy schedule.

Material participation

Maybe active participation is not for you. Maybe you lack the time, or maybe it just brings back too much hurt. Every person is different, and that’s more than okay. You could still help though. Many help is needed from the sideline too:

  • Donate items: Maybe you have items lying around that could be used in these boxes. Maybe you have plenty of decorative boxes, or tiny stuffed animals available that you cannot use. I even had a beautiful friend contact me to offer me 4 boxes of seashells she is not using anymore. All these donations are more than welcome and very helpful.
  • Donate money: Any cent you have to spare can be donated through the Donate button in the sidebar of this page. This kind of help is the key ingredient to help this project succeed. I commit to donate at least one box a month using my own resources, but sadly, many more boxes are needed. Every cent matters.
  • Look for sponsors: If you know anyone that owns a store that sells items that might be interesting for our boxes, you can always call out for help. Maybe you can ask them to donate. We have nothing to lose here: We already have a NO, but we might just get a YES if we ask! Take a look at the contents of these boxes and see what we can use here.

Spread the word

Like every project, popularity helps a lot. The more people that know of this project, the more help I will be able to collect, in any form. There are many ways to share this project:

  • Social media: Share my project on facebook, and ask you friends to share this with their friends. Like my Facebook page and invite others to do so to. Pin one of my pictures on your Pinterest boards. Share a picture of this project on Instagram. E-mail your friends about it. Share wherever you can, whenever you can, with everyone you can.
    Word of mouth is a powerful thing.
  • Information pamphlets: I’m working on these and hope to finish them soon. I will offer them in online download so you can print them and share them in your business, the schools your kids go to, at your doctor’s practice, … The sky is the limit here.

If we join our forces I’m sure we can truly transform this idea into a successful project. I can only do so much without your help. Everything I’m doing now is in my spare time and I’m only cooperating with one local hospital at the moment. With your help it can grow to become something more. It could evolve into a non-profit organization, with teams creating these boxes within each city in Belgium, these Boxes of Hope could be delivered to every single hospital in the country. Just imagine. It may sound far fetched now (and at the moment it surely is), but every successful project in this world started with a dream and an idea.